>When you know there’s mosquitos in your room but you can’t see them.


Disgaea 30 Day ChallengeDay 27 Favorite Pairing 
Flonne and Laharl are my OTP! 


Disgaea 30 Day Challenge
Day 27 Favorite Pairing 

Flonne and Laharl are my OTP! 

had to draw the new qt. click top pic for full view!

super hoping he’s a desert baby like a lotta folks are theorizing.

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Turning the test in


Getting the test back


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10/10 would URL again

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DRAMAtical Murder: ep. 3

We went low budget

Atsusacon 2014

Today I came back from my first con experience and it was pretty great. My only problems were with trying to figure out how to navigate Antwerpen, but the con itself was smaller than I’d expected in a good way cause it meant no getting lost. The food was decent, the panels were informative and it’s also the first time I’ve heard so much belgian in a short period of time so that’s a new experience too. (Zakdoekskes.) Also, a cosplay contest with an Attack on titan version of “Do you want to build a snowman?”. Silly but fun. I also bought some tiny plastic animes and a plush Espeon, and among the panels I watched were a panel on figure collecting and multiple on cosplay advice so I think I’m on a runaway train to fujoshi land. (Though I probably crossed that line already once I started getting into stuff like Dramatical murder, TBH.)

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since nobody told me and i had to search the depths of google ill give you instructions :)

for firefox users vv:

  • download the add-on grease monkey


  • then go to this site and click on whichever one you would like to have





This fucking episode. Where do I even start?

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Okay, so, I figured I’d just post this here and hope I get lucky. I posted a little joke version last night but I am actually serious. I’m looking to BUY the DRAMAtical Murder.. game I guess is what it’s called. W/e I don’t know all the fancy terms.

The only thing I need to know is WHERE can I…

I thought about it too but even if it were possible to apply the english patch on a japanese copy, it seems like even buying this sort of thing legitimately is pretty hard.The only copy I found relating to DMMD was the sequel on amazon, but it was really expensive and I haven’t even seen the original anywhere. http://www.relentlessness.com/blog/2011/11/a-guide-to-importing-japanese-merchandise-part-3c-video-game-shop-guide/ Though maybe the link will help anyway.

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